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Mid Deeside is a family friendly church.  When it comes to worship we expect children to behave like……. well……. children.   We welcome you and your children of all ages to our church. 

During term time our youngsters are present in the sanctuary for the first 10/15 minutes of worship before going on to enjoy their own activities in the Morven Room, in the new extension to our church.

Our children meet together as one family, Pebbles (for pre-school children) and Rocking Stones (P1 to S2)   

All our volunteers have been vetted by Disclosure Scotland and are highly committed to the work they are doing.

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Whether you are a regular attender or just visiting, your children will be made very welcome.  Equally, if your children feel more comfortable staying with you in church we welcome them to do so.  There are some children’s books located near the organ which your children are welcome to go and pick up at any time during services.  

During school holiday times when the young people’s groups are not meeting, we provide a table in the sanctuary with pens, crayons, paper, colouring in books, story books etc,  for young children.  Sometimes the children choose to sit together at the table while others prefer to take materials back to sit with their parents.

 We know that it always takes a bit of time to work out “how things work”.   Please do not hesitate to ask one of our welcome team “greeters” to help you and your children get settled in, show you where things are and explain how things usually happen.

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